A Quick Look Back at December 2016

E14 Gallery

Just wow!  We at E14 Gallery and Libre Cltra Clothing would like to thank all of you that have supported us last month! It's been quite a journey in such a short span of time. We have hosted a number of events, experienced incredible artistry, reunited with old friends and master artists and artisans, and met great new ones as well.

While we planned for the art gallery and gift shop, we never expected E14 to become such a "popup" cultural hub. To us, this emphasizes the need for more cultural spaces in Oakland, just as much as art spaces.

Art to us is most powerful when it helps to create cultural space.  At its most effective, it invites different groups and generations of people to share space, and engage with each other where they normally would not.

We at E14 Gallery and Libre Cltra clothing want to thank you again for your support, and for the incredible opportunity of being able to be a part of such a great intersection of art and culture in Oakland. 

 Left to Right: Master Artists Xochitl Guerrero, Juan Fuentes, owner Viviana Rodriguez, and Roberto Guerrero


 Amazing Photographer Brittney Sensabaugh #brittsense


 Oakland jazz legends: The Calvin Keys Quartet



E14 Artisan Market



Art of Emory Douglas



Kids Standing Rock Reportback



Bay Rising Gathering