About E14 Gallery

The artist has a symbiotic relationship with its environment. Oakland’s cultural vibrancy owes much to its artists in the same way the artists interpret the town, the people, the sights, the sounds, the movements and migrations onto mediums that tell stories not easily captured in words.

E14 Gallery showcases master and upcoming visual artists with deep ties and strong love for Oakland. The artists hold respect for Oakland; a place often underappreciated as a metropolitan center of global histories of resistance, where freedom fighters and movement artists contributed to a unique landscape of working-class, people of color post World War II.

Our goal is to promote and collaborate with our roots... the Oakland community. All of our products are handmade in Oakland with high quality materials, while always keeping in mind, Mother Earth.

We honor Oakland as an incubator of revolutionary consciousness and the artists featured here capture the spirit of uprising, self-determination, and cultural rebellion in their work. The artwork here demonstrates Art as an action; making, remaking, and translating histories into visions of futures for all of us to see.

E14 Gallery is our vision, homage, and contribution to the spirit of an Oakland that lives on its people and its storytellers: the artists.

E14 Gallery Features apparel by LIBRE CLTRA  
LIBRE CLTRA emerged as a way of transmitting culture and conscience in the form of fashion. Our designs are inspired by the people of America; from Mapuches in Chile to Huicholes in the mountains of northern Mexico.